Baxter – *Adopted*

Baxter  – *Adopted*

Baxter – *Adopted*

Name: Baxter – *Adopted*
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Location: SF Peninsula, CA
Reason given up for adoption: Stray
Temperament: Sweet, loves people, bonds quickly. Tail wags non stop when given attention.
Health Condition: Good

Placement Limitations:
Northern California only, could be placed with spay female of moderate energy only. Unknown history with cats. Need yard or large patio at a minimum.

Special Needs: Yes

Baxter is a sweet boy who came into rescue with some minor skin irritations that have resolved, and with infected eyes. He has now had surgery to correct his entropion and will be available 2/13 for adoption. He will need ongoing twice daily eye drops. He knows how to use a dog door, he like to play ball for a few minutes, will show some interest in toys, likes to empty waste paper baskets so be forewarned. He prefers to be indoors except for some brief times outdoors for potty breaks and short exercise. Since we have no history on Baxter, he should not be placed with children younger than 5. He prefers not to do stairs so should not be placed in a home where he would have to do stairs several times a day. He loves human companionship.

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