Bella – *Adopted*

Bella – *Adopted*

Bella – *Adopted*

Bella is a 1 year old spayed female who has found her way into rescue. Yes, that’s right, she is still a growing girl.

Please read her write up carefully as she needs much time and patience put into her. If you do not meet the criteria for her, do not inquire about her.

Bella is in rescue because the family that adopted her from a breeder did not have the time or knowledge that it takes to raise a Bulldog. She is NOT potty trained. She needs a home where someone is home and can work with her consistently. A home where she is going to be left at home during a normal work day will not work for her. Bella is loving and sweet, but she will jump up on you and has no manners. This can all be worked out, but it will take time and patience.

Bella gets along with other dogs her foster mom reports. She is a diamond in the ruff. Her foster mom doesn’t want someone getting frustrated with her and her very young puppy behavior.

If you do not meet the criteria for Bella you are not likely to receive a reply to your inquiry due to our high volume of emails.

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