Bogie – *Adopted*

Bogie – *Adopted*

Bogie – *Adopted*

Age: 1
Gender: Male
Location: SF Peninsula, CA
Reason given up for adoption: Dumped in the central valley
Temperament: Sweet, young, loves any attention, high motivation to please.
Health Condition: Recovering well from demodex, found in an emaciated state, I have big, wide open eyes, and am a good breather.
Placement Limitations: Northern California only, needs home that will continue his daily medication for demodex, could be placed with spayed female, no kids under 6, unknown tolerance for cats.
Special Needs: Yes
Bogie could be the poster boy for why we need rescue.
Dumped in the central valley, nearly bald from demodex and emaciated, he was a very sad looking young dog. His sweetness and enthusiasm for life touched a number of people who he came in contact with and they all helped in getting him to rescue and a shot at a better life. They saw his potential for being a wonderful companion.

He has now been on treatment for a month and his coat is now beginning to grow back in. He has good energy and appetite and seems ready to move on to a new life. His current medical regimen is an antibiotic capsule twice a day with at least a weekly bath, which he enjoys. He has good endurance and could tolerate a bit longer walk than most other bulldogs.

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