Sunshine the Bulldog – Successful Adoption in 2013

Sunshine the Bulldog – Successful Adoption in 2013

Everyone, meet Sunshine!

Here’s a story about her successful adoption!

Sunshine came to us as a ‘stray’ with her son Henry. But we have no doubt that they were both turned in by their actual owners. She had been breed at a young age. For sure it was just for them to make a profit if possible and then they dumped her. Her son had some serious medical issues and was not placeable. 🙁 Joe contacted us about Sunshine after he had been cleared for adoption. She was shy around men. Joe is a very large guy and at the time he had a very burly, bushy beard. At the first meet and greet, Sunshine was terrified of Joe. This was devastating to Joe. He left very disheartened. We could not place a dog that was frightened of her new potential home. I felt so bad for Joe & Tabitha (his wife). Joe contacted me within days of this meeting. He wanted to find a way to fix things so that Sunshine could join their family. He decided to shave his beard. I was so happy to hear that someone was willing to do this for a rescue bully. We set up another meeting. Sunshine was still shy, but Joe sat on the floor still with her and waiting for her to come to him. The walls were broken down and they have been bonded ever since!

Another successful adoption story…


  1. Joe Hart

    We are so happy to have Sunshine as a part of our family. She is our first Bulldog, but will not be our last. We plan on getting another Bulldog soon, so Sunshine has a playmate… Thank you Norcal Bulldog Rescue and to all the wonderful people we have met thru the process…

    One last note… If you have ever wanted a bully of your own, it’s totally worth it… you can’t buy love, but you can rescue it!!!

  2. Debbie Ringenberg

    Sunshine has brought a lot of joy to Joe & Tabby’s home.
    She is a great companion to Joe and their cat thinks she is ok too.

  3. Ann King

    Joe and Tabitha are blessings to the bulldog-loving community. Happiness all around!

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