Carlos – *Adopted*

Carlos – *Adopted*


Name: Carlos – *Adopted*
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Location: North Bay Area, CA
Reason given up for adoption: shelter confiscation
Temperament: Sweet, quiet, loves routine
Health Condition: Recovering well from serious medical neglect

Placement Limitations: Northern California only, previous bulldog experience preferred, willingness to continue current medical treatment until cleared by vet, could be placed with sedate spayed female only.

Special Needs: Yes

Carlos came into rescue 11/13 in terrible condition, the results of months (if not years) of neglect. He has been on multiple medications and medicated baths which have begun to reverse the damage of his previous life. He has been neutered and has had a refresher course on potty training. Interestingly Carlos appears to have no hard feelings from his previous experiences, always tolerating whatever was required medically with a sweet, cooperative attitude. He enjoys meeting new people, is a good traveler and is ready to begin looking for his new mom and dad. He is described by those that know him as a super little dog. He is well on his way to complete recovery but will require another few months of treatment which rescue will provide until cleared by our vet. Adopters would need to be willing to take him back for q1-2 month check ups in Folsom, CA. Required medications will be provided until cleared by his veterinarian.

An ideal home will be someone who is home either most or part of the day.

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