Doc – Adopted

Doc – Adopted
Doc the bulldog
Doc – Adopted
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Location: SF Peninsula, CA

Reason given up for adoption: Financial issues
Temperament: Moderately active, gets along with well socialized dogs
Health Condition: Excellent
Placement Limitations: Northern California only, could be placed with well socialized spayed female, no history with cats. Since we have no history of his contact with children, no kids under 8.
Special Needs: Yes

May need ongoing eye lubrication. Doc is a medium sized (approx 50 lbs), moderately active, bulldog that is recovering from being neutered. He is a bit underweight but has an excellent appetite and is gaining weight rapidly. He loves his bed, likes to play with a rope ball and follow his foster bulldog sisters around the woods. He loves attention and seems to bond easily to new people. He knows how to use a dog door. He seems to adapt easily to new situations. No history with cats.

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