DQ the Bulldog – Adopted

DQ the Bulldog – Adopted

Name: DQ
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Location:  Sacramento, CA
Reason given up for adoption: Shelter Stray
Temperament: Good
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: Yes, Nor Cal Only!
Special Needs: Yes

This handsome boy is DQ. He is a 3 yr old red brindle and white neutered male.
He is a big, strong boy. Here are some things that we have learned from DQ’s
foster family: he is completely house trained, he also enjoys sleeping on his
bed or lounging on the couch. He does suck on a stuffed animal like a pacifier.
DQ will go to bed in his crate with a little coaxing. DQ is learning to get
along with the other dog in his foster home but it is a process. He could be
placed alone or possibly with a spayed female. His new family would need to be
dog savvy and the female would need to be on the submissive side. He will only
be placed into a home that has Bulldog breed experience as he can be a
dominant,  pushy boy. No rough playing with this boy as he can escalate his play
quickly.  No cat history so best not to place him with cats. DQ does have dry
eye and he  will require drops to his eyes twice daily for life.

*Please have an adoption application onfile BEFORE inquiring about DQ*
*All applicants must have home check visit*
*DQ’s adoption fee is $500.00*

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