Elliot – *Adoption Pending*

Elliot – *Adoption Pending*

Meet Elliot – *Adoption Pending*

Elliott is a very sweet boy! Considering his life has not been easy as he was used as a bait dog. He is passive and kind and gets along well with other dogs. His tail wags non-stop!

His physical scars may not be so prominent anymore, but his emotional scars, unfortunately, are still there. He tries very hard to please but sometimes is so fearful that he just shuts down. I believe he has been beaten; if you raise your hands too quickly, or if you raise your voice he will start to shake and cower. It’s so sad and disturbing that this sweet boy was treated so badly.

He is crate trained and has never made a mess in his crate. He likes his crate, as I’m sure that feels safe for him. I suspect that he never lived in the house in the past. I do watch him closely so that he doesn’t have an accident in the house.

When he first went to his foster mom, Elliott really had some separation anxiety. When she would leave for work in the morning he would cry when she left. It’s much better now, I think he has figured out his foster mom’s routine; although sometimes he still cries if she just steps outside.

Elliott is very athletic and has a lot of energy, he really is very much a puppy. He loves to chase the squirrels and run around the yard. He does okay on a leash, but could certainly use some basic obedience training.

He will make somebody a wonderful dog, he is so happy when anybody gives him love and affection. Hard to believe anybody could treat him so poorly, he is such a kind soul.

Elliott will need a quiet household as he is a soft boy. He is current on vaccines, heartworm tested (negative), neutered and microchipped.

Adoption fee for Elliott is $400.00
All applicants must have home check visit.
Contact Information: mflily1@aol.com

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