Gunner – *Adopted*

Gunner – *Adopted*


Name: Gunner – *Adopted*
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Location: SF Peninsula, CA
Reason given up for adoption: Family unable to care for dog
Temperament: Affectionate, can be energetic, but also has periods of being passive and quiet
Health Condition: Good, but does have ear issues that will require constant monitoring

Placement Limitations: Northern California only, no children under 12 years, must have yard, not appropriate for condo, will need small yard at least for exercise. Could be placed with passive spayed female, reported to be O.K. with cats but has not been tested.

Special Needs: Yes

Gunner is a beautiful big 75 lb male bulldog who is affectionate, passive (most of the time) yet can be independent and energetic. He knows sit, down and come. He is potty trained and current on vaccines. He also knows how to use a dog door.

His only significant health issue is very small ear canals, likely secondary to chronic infections which will need ongoing maintenance to prevent further ear infections which could produce serious health issues for him. His current medical regimen for his ears is drops to both ears daily. His future home will need to be with very responsible owners who will continue the current regimen that has been so successful in restoring his hearing. Ideally he will need every 3-6 month visits to his vet for monitoring which hopefully will decrease to annual checks only if his current health status can be maintained.

Gunner”s only negative behavior is that he gets super excited when he sees kids and will need firm handling and training to help him learn that he can control himself which will allow him to
have children approach him without them getting knocked over.
His new owners will be expected to avail themselves of assistance in developing a program to help him deal with his excitement level around children.

These requirements may seem burdensome, but this is a very sweet, special, beautiful bulldog and in the right home he will be a treasure.

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