Hi, Patti – we’re the Ramos family (Eddie’s my husband and our three boys are Eddie Jr. (28), Frankie (23) and Cruz (17) and we were fortunate enough to rescue a bulldog from Mother Lode nine years ago. It was about April 5, 2005 and, at the time we got our guy, his name was Gunney – but we changed his names to Knuckles because our youngest said, “It looks like he’s walking on his knuckles!”

Sadly, I’m writing to let you know Knuckles passed away peacefully at home this Sunday while my husband and I petted him, telling him we loved him, he was a good boy and he could let go and not worry. He was getting old and he was just ready – as far as a death, honestly, his was as peaceful and painless as – well death can be. Knuckles laid on a soft blanket in our family room with my husband as I made calls to our boys and Mueller Pet hospital.

We want to thank you and Mother Lode Bulldog Rescue for picking us and letting Knuckles into our life. Knuckles was well loved and treated like a king. He loved cheese, choosing between his two couches to lay, butt scratches, sitting in the sunshine, sleeping with Cruz (since day one) and sitting with or around Big Eddie. Knuckles had a little brother from another mother. . .Kuro our French bulldog and his “nephew” Ruger, our oldest son’s English Bulldog.

We want you to know that the choice you made allowing us to have Knuckles was not wasted – he was pampered and loved.

Here’s a glimpse into Knuckles life – I hope you enjoy the pics:

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