Jazmin – *Adopted*

Jazmin – *Adopted*

Meet Jazmin! – *Adopted*

Name: Jazmin
Age: 5-6 yo

All Jazmin wants is a Forever Home.

Ms. Jazmin came to us through the shelter. Her owners were notified by the shelter that they had her, but the owners said they had given her away and didn’t want her back. So, Jazz is now looking for her perfect dog bed to snuggle in. We think Jazz is around 5-6 years old. She does not get along with female dogs, but does better with male dogs.
She enjoys sleeping away the day….her favorite past time. She is doing well in her foster home, she has several foster dogs that she shares her home with.
She is a real sweetie and loves to be a cuddle bunny.
Ms. Jazz weighs in at 55 lbs and is on a weight watchers plan. Her new family will need continue on her weight control plan.

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