Kaydee – *Adopted*

Kaydee – *Adopted*

Kaydee has officially been Adopted!!


Name: Kaydee – *Adopted*
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Location: Sacramento, CA
Reason given up for adoption: SHELTER
Temperament: GOOD
Health Condition: GOOD
Placement Limitations: Northern Calif Only
Special Needs: No

Kaydee is one of the Happiest Bulldogs we have ever had in Rescue….She even has been given the nickname “Ms. Wiggles”….her little tail goes a mile a minute when she sees you.  Kaydee will sit for treats….Food is the way to this girls heart….Food will  motivate her to do anything..She is a very needy dog…she wants to be with you  all the time. She will make someone a great companion. We are still working on  house training and it would be nice to have a doggy door leading out into a nice  yard for her.

Please have application on File before inquiring about this  dog. No kids under 10.

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