King – *Adopted*

King – *Adopted*

Meet King – *Adopted*

His New Name is Murphy

He is a 4-year-old neutered male. He came into NorCal Bulldog Rescue several months ago in terrible physical condition but his spirits were always upbeat. This boy is a survivor! His ears were severely neglected and he had surgery on both of his ears to remove his ear canals. He is now deaf. He is learning sign language and doing great!

He is a very sweet boy that LOVES people. He does get along with other dogs but doesn’t have any manners when meeting them or interacting with them. It is probably best for him to be placed as an only dog, but if the right situation came up, we would consider placing him with another dog.

King has always lived outside prior to coming into rescue, so his foster mom is working on his house training. He is doing well. King loves to chew on his bones. He will lay on his bed and amuse himself for hours with his bones. King needs a house with a yard, no apartments/condos without yards, please. Kids over age 10 ok.

He has dry eye and does need drops into both eye daily for life as well as skin meds for allergies.

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