Liberty – *Adopted*

Liberty – *Adopted*

Meet Miss Liberty. – *Adopted*

Her new name is Ciuin!


Liberty was evaluated by a trainer and was given the thumbs up as a dog-neutral (OK with dogs) wonderful girly!

She is approximately 3 years old. She came to us when she was dumped at a local shelter. It looked as if she had recently had a litter of puppies. She was extremely shy when we first met her. So shy in fact that she had to be carried into the building as she was to scared to walk. She has come around and has warmed up. She is really enjoying new friends and loves people. She really enjoys treats.

She is a very healthy girl who loves to cuddle and lay her head on your lap. Liberty is looking for a very quiet household, perhaps one with a single woman or a couple (no kids as she is too timid). Someone who has the patience to let her come out of her shell and blossom.

  • She loves to chew on her Nylabones.
  • She is a very quiet and gentle girl.
  • Watching your favorite movie? She’ll cuddle up next to you.
  • Watching a sports game? She’ll cuddle up next to you.
  • She’s a very comforting dog.

*All applicants must have home check visit*
*Please have adoption application on file before inquiring about Liberty*
*Adoption fee $300.00*
*Contact Info:


I’ve been fostering Liberty for a week now. She is very sweet and shy. She needs space and a safe zone until she can acclimate to a new household. Liberty walks well on a leash and is inquisitive/cautious with new surroundings. Roaming around a large/medium sized backyard is fun for her.

Minimal training would be good for her. She’ll run out the front door if given a chance but will return when called. She sleeps on a dog bed, a blanket or the floor in the living room. Liberty is a light snorer.
Liberty still needs a little help with her potty situation. I’m teaching her to use the doggy door. She understands it, but she still has accidents in the home.


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Liberty English Bulldog
Liberty English Bulldog
Liberty English Bulldog

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