Maggie – *Adopted*

Maggie – *Adopted*

Name: Maggie – *Adopted*

Age: 9

Gender: Female
Location: Sacramento, CA
Reason given up for adoption: Changes In Family
Temperament: Good as only pet
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: Nor Cal Only!
Special Needs: No

This is Maggie. Maggie is not a stranger to NorCal Bulldog Rescue. We adopted her out to her forever home awhile ago. Unfortunately her mom had a severe stroke and is unable to care for Maggie. We are looking for a final spot for her or perhaps a foster spot for her. Maggie needs a single story home, no stairs for this little short stout gal. A quiet home with no other pets and no children is what Maggie is asking for. If this is you, please contact us 🙂

Update from the foster Dad.

Maggie is very sweet! Best decision I’ve made when choosing a foster dog!

She plays a little bit, but mostly walks around the house looking at stuff. I don’t recommend her being around kids. Maggie play-bites a little too hard and unexpectedly at times.

Maggie isn’t a snorer and she doesn’t pass gas like most Bulldogs. With her short squatty body, she doesn’t jump on the furniture or sleep on the bed. I haven’t had any potty messes in my home either. Maggie is very good at holding it even when I’m gone for 9 hours at work. She doesn’t care for going for walks either. She walks out front to the sidewalk and then wants to walk back inside.

Maggie mostly stands next to me and accepts back and butt scratches. In fact, she insists! haha!

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