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Fringe Benefits

miley the bulldog
The holidays were a challenging time. Too much to do personally, too many dogs being dumped, and one of my own dogs battling a major illness, left me a bit cranky to put it mildly. Sometimes things happen for a reason. In the midst of this mild chaos a rescue walked into my home at the most inconvenient time imaginable. Her arrival was not an option. She could no longer remain where she was, and I was the closest rescuer to her location. It didn’t matter that it was 2 days before Christmas.

Her name was Miley and she was thought to be 8 years old. Her history included multiple litters and multiple owners until her last owner purchased her in a Walmart parking lot as her latest litter were being sold. It took only a few minutes of her arrival for me to realize how very special she was.

Granted my dogs are pretty accustomed to “new dogs” coming thru their territory, but her arrival seemed to cause no reaction at all. It was if she had always been here. The dogs who were napping didn’t even get up to greet her. I had several other rescues here at the time and none of the had any negative reaction to her, even the ones who did not tolerate most other dogs. I tried intact females….easy acceptance. Intact males seemed to like her but in a gentlemanly way. The young ones did well with her, she easily assimilated into the company of the older senior dogs. She greeted every event in life, whether just the light being turned on in the dark morning or a simple word from me at bedtime with the ever present wagging of her tail. She sweetly greeted all the visitors to the house as if she was a long time resident. There was a calm energy about her that seemed to transfer to those around her. She never had a potty accident in the house. Simply put, she was perfect!

All of the rescues matter, but some will never be forgotten. At a time when I needed to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the moment she proved to be a perfect teacher. Quite the fringe benefit she proved to be.

Miley has now moved on to a wonderful foster home where she now naps with a younger female bulldog and enjoys the attention of her retired foster mom and dad. Her days are spent relaxing in the sunshine and watching the golf carts on the path behind the house and enjoying the coming and goings of the flocks of geese on the lagoon. I hope that the perfect home will come along for her but, if not, she will remain with her new foster mom and dad or come back to me.

Miley is one of those dogs that keeps rescuers rescuing. Although the “Mileys” do not come along often, they are a welcome reminder of why we do this. We in rescue are blessed to have the opportunity to love more dogs that we would ever know if we did not rescue, a real fringe benefit. Eventhough they come and then go on to other homes, they remind us of the importance of being there to assist these wonderful dogs. You never know when the next Miley will come along!

Mary Aiken, NorCal Bulldog Rescue

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