Miley – *Adopted*

Miley – *Adopted*

miley the bulldog
Name: Miley – *Adopted*
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Location:  SF Peninsula, CA
Reason given up for adoption: Owner unable to afford to care for  dog.
Temperament: Wonderful with small children, other dogs,  cats and people.
Health Condition: Good at present, recovering  from breast surgery
Placement Limitations: Northern Calif only,  should not climb stairs several times a day.
Special  Needs: Yes

This pretty girl  has had a tough life but you would never know it for her wonderful
temperament  and attitude. She was bred several times and her puppies sold in a shopping  center parking lot when a good samaritan was concerned for her well being and  offered her then owner money to purchase her. Sadly this caring person’s life  has changed and she can no longer keep Miley. Miley is good with small children  having helped raise her owners 3 year old child. She is very tolerant of other  dogs and is reported to be good with cats as well. She lived with a small  maltese. She is a master of the tail wiggle to express her joy at seeing new  people. She is crate trained and house trained. She is quick to go out and  accomplish her potty duty and is eager to return inside. She is a total house  dog.

Her health is very good although she may be a pound or two overweight (the holiday food probably!!)

She will require lubrication  for dry eye daily. She recently had a breast mass removed surgically and is  recovering from that.

She will make a wonderful addition to almost any  family. Please have an application on file prior to requesting any additional  info on Miley.

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