Meet “Monkey”

Spayed female, approximate age: 2 1/2 years old, red with a black muzzle.

Monkey came into rescue via from another rescue group who needed help financially with her issues.
Monkey came in with Demodecosis (mange) which has cleared and now her coat is coming in beautifully, she has yeasty skin so she is on oral medication for yeast control and requires weekly bathing with Pyoben Shampoo. Monkey is looking good and ready to be adopted into her forever new home.

Monkey has a few little quirks that require the right home for her. She is very mouthy and tends to jump up and mouth your hands, she has not had the best upbringing and requires a patient person or couple who are willing to work with her. We do not think she is completely potty trained but have not had her in a Foster Home to be able to determine that better. She probably would benefit from a doggy door.

Monkey will not be placed in a family with small children. She also can be dominant with other dogs, so we would prefer to place her as the only dog or possibly with a mellow neutered male dog. She can be a barker and can be very vocal sometimes.

This girl has a lot of potential and is such a cutie, but needs consistent work and training. Once she gets into a good routine she will be well on her way to a great companion and family member.

She will not be placed in an Apartment.

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Monkey English Bulldog
Monkey English Bulldog

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