Moto’s Story

“Need help with an Abandoned Bulldog”

Moto the bulldog
“Need help with an Abandoned Bulldog” was the subject line in the email which requested that rescue call the sender as soon as possible. The dog was located in northern Monterey county.

It seems that Moto’s family had moved about a month ago. The emailer was a neighbor who had seen the family move out but had not noticed that they had left their dog until about 10 days had passed.
(This was approximately the end of June and the weather had been quite warm during that time.)

Thankfully they eventually discovered the dog and had begun to feed him. They assumed the family would come back for him but after a month they had not returned. Moto was moved to their home and they began to do an internet search for help. They reported that Moto’s previous family had several small children all under age 5 and that he was very good with kids and other dogs.

The neighbor offered to help with transport and met Diane and Chris Gordon, BCNC members, who offered to take him into foster care where they provided him with a loving safe environment while he waited for a permanent home.

He was scheduled for a vet exam, vaccines, and neutering which the Gordon’s kindly provided transport to and from. The vet estimated his age at approximately 4 years. Dr. Erin Campbell in Santa Clara, CA provided his medical care and we are very appreciative of her assistance.

We had received a very promising application for adoption the week before Moto came into our care from a family that had 2 young boys. They were delighted to hear that Moto might be a match for them and went to visit him even before he had been neutered and cleared for adoption. He went to his new home in the bay area shortly after he had recovered from surgery where he is quickly becoming a member of the family.

While this story is certainly shocking to those of us who love our dogs, Moto is not the only dog that has come into rescue after being left by their owners. Had it not been for the compassion of the neighbor this story might had not had such a happy ending.

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