Olive – *Adopted*

Olive  – *Adopted*

*Adoption is Final*

Hello All!

My name is Olive and I’m currently in the process of interviewing to find my perfect forever home. My life was not so easy. In fact, it was awful until those lovely people at Norcal Bulldog Rescue saved me.

It seems that I was not wanted. I’m not sure why somebody abandoned me. Now, granted, I was in very sad shape when I arrived. I was emaciated, hairless, my skin was infected, and my eyes were so bad I had trouble just seeing… and I’m barely a year old.

Today I’m a new gal! My hair is almost all grown back, I’ve gained weight and my eyes were operated on. I’ve also been spayed.

I have realized that most humans are not all bad. In fact, I love them! I’m such a sweet loving girl, I get along with my foster brothers and sisters and I don’t chase the cat. I love eating (of course, after going without for so long, who wouldn’t!) My favorite thing is “couch.” I love the couch!

I currently eat a raw diet that I will need to remain on until my immune system is a bit stronger. Also, I have a slight birth defect. One of my front legs did not grow as well as it should have. This could also be from the fact that I may not have received proper nutrition. I get around just fine. I may not be able to run around a lot, but I can get up on the couch.

I’m already such a happy girl and nothing would make me happier than to have my very own family and a couch. It’s truly what I dream about.


English Bulldog Rescue

*Olive’s adoption fee is $500.00*
*Please have an adoption application on file before inquiring about Olive*
*All applicants must have home check visit*

Olive English Bulldog

Olive English Bulldog

Olive English Bulldog

Olive English Bulldog

Olive English Bulldog

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** You need an application on file before inquiring about our rescues. **

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