Ozzie – *Adopted*

Ozzie – *Adopted*

Ozzy Bulldog

Name: I AM THE WONDERFUL OZ – *Adopted*
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Location: Sacramento, CA
Reason given up for adoption: SHELTER
Temperament: GREAT
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: Northern California Only
Special Needs: Yes

MEET OZZIE our Big LovaBULL Guy..Oz came into rescue via the shelter..How someone could have turned this boy in is beyond our belief. During Ozzie’s vet examine it was determined he had a lump on his side that needed to be removed. At the time the veterinarian thought it would be an easy procedure and Ozzie would re-coop and then be looking for his forever home. After surgery, it was determined that the lump was not benign and looked suspicious of being malignant. So, now we have to re-group and Ozzie is recovering nicely, but we are looking for a home that is willing to let Ozzie have what he deserves his forever home for as long as he has left. This Boy is a Gem..A diamond in the rough. Ozzie is not only handsome, but gets along with other dogs and a Gentlemen. Ozzie weighs in at 60 pounds of burning love. Just look at those sweet teddy bear eyes.


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