You can donate to Elliott's medical needs here:

Update on Elliott:
He is doing great!! He will be posted for adoption soon. His skin is doing fantastic and he is gaining weight. His ears are improving but are still are work in progress 🙂

This is Elliott.

He is now a NorCal boy. He came to us from the Fresno area.
Thank you to the many people involved who have helped so far: Second Chance Rescue, Fresno Bully Breed Rescue & the staff at Blue Ravine Animal Hospital.

It is believed that Elliott was used as a bait dog due to his severe and awful injuries. He has been cleaned up and he will continue to receive medical treatment in the weeks & months to follow. He is severely underweight. But what a sweetheart!! We are in love!!

Thank you!! Updates on his progress will be posted.

You can donate to Elliott's medical needs here:

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