Rudy – *Adopted*

Rudy – *Adopted*

Rudy is Adopted!!

Rudy is a approximately 18 months old. He is a super sweet boy who found his way into rescue when his former owner was overwhelmed with taking care of his Bulldogs needs. You see, Bulldogs can be high maintenance. They need wrinkle care and can have medical needs that need to be attended to by a Veterinarian.

Rudy has been seen by our Vet. He has been neutered and had his tail removed… It was badly infected…yuck! He is on the road to recovery and is feeling much better 🙂 He will still need to have soft palate surgery and entropion surgery for his eyes, but that will have to wait a bit until he is healed up.

He his a happy boy and gets along with other dogs. He can be placed with a mellow, spayed female. Rudy needs an owner that has experience with the Bulldog breed and that can keep up with his wrinkle and skin care.

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