Meet “Suzie Q” our Homeless Bulldog.

We have determined Suzie to be approximately between 8-9 years old.
Suzie was found wandering the neighborhood and a good Samaritan took her in and posted signs and also
went door to door looking for her owner. Suzie Q is definitely a senior citizen, so she couldn’t have traveled far, but no one ever claimed her. The good Samaritan called our rescue and we took this little lady in our program.

The good Samaritan said Suzie had an awful odor, but could not determine where it was coming
from. Once we had her in our care, we could tell her odor was coming from her mouth.
She had severe dental disease and her teeth were falling out of her mouth. Suzie Q is getting the
needed dental work she deserves and looking forward to her new home.

She is very mellow and gets along with other dogs.
She is house trained and enjoys her BELLY RUBS immensely.
The highlight of this girls life is having a big cushy bed next to your chair with you rubbing her belly while watching TV.

PLEASE HAVE APPLICATION on file before inquiring about this girl.
Adoption fee required: Donation to NCBR.
Contact Info:
Suzie English Bulldog and her "puppies"
Suzie English Bulldog
Suzie English Bulldog

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** You need an application on file before inquiring about our rescues. **

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