Timmy – Adopted

Timmy – Adopted

timmy the bulldog
Name: Timmy
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Location: SF Peninsula, CA
Reason given up for adoption: Stray-shelter
Temperament: soft, gentle, sweet
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: Northern Calif only, could be placed with a very sedate dog or should do well with a small dog. No history with cats but would probably adapt O.K.
Special Needs: Yes

I am a sweet, quiet, rather delicate little 50 pound boy who is looking for a special home that will overlook my minor imperfections. Although my true history will never be known, it appears that I suffered some cerebral anoxia (lack of oxygen) at birth which has left me with some balance issues and lack of hearing. I am able to do stairs although I would go up and down more slowly than other dogs. I know how to use a dog door, which I use faithfully to go out and potty. I get along with other dogs well and have gotten use to my rescue roommate who is a bit overly active for me, but she has learned not to knock me over. For that reason  my foster mom thinks a quiet, low energy dog, or a small dog would do well with me. If you are looking for a sweet, gentle little guy, send my foster mom an  email after you complete an application. I won’t be a lot of trouble, I promise.  I have no eye issues and the few minor skin problems I had from being neglected  are almost completely healed. Oh, and I am an excellent eater. I finish every  bite.

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