Diesel – *Adopted*

Diesel – *Adopted*

Meet “Diesel” our teenager -*Adopted*

This boy is 15 months old and a bundle of energy. He is very active and enjoys his play time. He gets along with other dogs but can be a little overwhelming sometimes. He does need some work on his manners, so basic training for him is going to be a must. This boy has tons of potential for somebody who has time to put the work into him. SPECIAL NEEDS: This boy came into Rescue with a prolapsed rectum from a Veterinary Clinic. Previous Owners could not afford to take care of him anymore.
He came in with Demodex mange, but has been treated for that and is clear now. He does have some skin issues but is doing well on his medication.
He maybe a dog that has skin flare ups off and on, so we want potential adopters
to be aware of that.
He also is on a Specific Diet for his prolapsed rectum since he has had that
happen multiple times with previous owners. Since he has been in Rescue
he only gets his Specific Diet to eat – NO TREATS or GOODIES and he has never
relapsed with us. Diet: Veterinary Prescription Food Purina E/N Dry-moistened down with warm water. Approximate fee $ 85.00 for a 32-pound bag.

* Our Goal is to try and keep him in the Sacramento Area or close to the area
so he can continue to see his regular veterinarian if possible.
If you are interested in Von Diesel, Please make sure you are willing to follow
his Specific Diet Protocol and have the time to do some Basic Training.

He is House-Trained and gets along with other dogs. He is to overwhelming
for cats.

PLEASE have application on file before inquiring about this boy.
Contact Info: Prungo2@aol.com

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