Willie – *Adopted*

Willie – *Adopted*

Name: Captain Willie McGee – *Adopted*
Age: 1
Gender: Male
Location: Sacramento, CA
Reason given up for adoption: Shelter Stray
Temperament: Good
Health Condition: Good

Placement Limitations: Northern California Only

Special Needs: Yes

Willie was a Shelter Stray….This little guy had an injury to his right eye that required surgery to remove his non-functional eye. Willie is contemplating wearing a Pirate’s Patch and thinking of calling himself Captain Willie McGee.
He is a small bulldog weighing in at 30 pounds. Our estimated age on Willie is somewhere between 10 months and a year. He has a calm personality and a good disposition. He loves to snuggle in his blankets. He appears to be good with other dogs. He is a shy boy, so a calm, quiet household is best for him.
He is recouping from his surgery, but overall he is a quiet boy that needs TLC in his next home. We are looking for someone to take time with Willie and go slow with recovery. We are anticipating that it will take him awhile to adjust to his handicap. But he appears to be ready for his new adventure and new lease on life.

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